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Somatic Meditation

Where's Your Head?

A bundle of three mp3s for £15

A Somatic Meditation to Stop Overthinking
Improve the Brain-Body Connection
And Correct Your Neck Posture

‘Where’s Your Head?’ is an audio programme of three bundled mp3s. It shows you how to clear your head of doubt and anxiety. It will strengthen your awareness and speed up your perception. It answers questions such as: Is thinking necessary? Is intelligence cleverness? Is it possible to stop thinking?

Do you get lost in your head? Are you nervy? Do you struggle with instrusive thoughts? Or maybe you get crippled with anxiety and irrational fears. Here’s how to overcome all that and get back to feeling good.

You’ll find out what happens in the body when we become psychologically weak and insecure. And learn what to do about it.

You don’t have to wake up feeling bad or frightened. But you do have to do something to make a change. This programme unlocks your natural wellbeing.

Part One
Amplifying your awareness.
46 mins

Part Two
An exercise to correct your neck posture and integrate your awareness with your inner space.
26 mins

Part Three
Two dialogues about speculative thinking, analytical thought, the intellect and how to trust your intelligence.
46 mins

This programme is based on a video conference call to a group in Finland, 15 August 2020.

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Audio Sample

Clive Tempest speaks about intelligence, awareness, consciousness, the mind, the intellect, the brain, thought and thinking, and explains why even the cleverest people might benefit from having an empty head.